805, 2015

Industrias Duero invited to inaugurate Mega-project Coastal Strip III in Panama

Industrias Duero was invited to inaugurate the third phase of mega-project Coastal Strip in Panama. The project includes a Viaduct connecting the Coastal strip, close to the seafood market, with the Avenue of the Poets [...]

2304, 2015

Industrias Duero participates in an event sponsored by ABAS in Madrid

On the 22nd of April 2015, Industrias Duero took an active part as guest-speaker in the technical workshop “Abas ERP as an answer to the information requirements of mid-size industrial enterprises” hosted by ABAS and [...]

2102, 2015

Industrias Duero consigue llevar a éxito su concurso de acreedores voluntario

En el pasado mes de Noviembre de 2014 Industrias Duero, logró salir del concurso de acreedores voluntario que presentó en febrero del mismo año, solo el 5% de las empresas que entran en concurso consiguen [...]

1102, 2015

Industrias Duero takes part in an event which was attended by South American Administrations about Road Safety systems with CE marking

On the 10th of February 2015, Industrias Duero took part, as sole speaker, in a training and information event organised by the General Directorate of Roadways and Railways. Industrias Duero provided a two hour lecture [...]

1002, 2015

Industrias Duero is awarded a Diploma as full member of the Spanish Association of Galvanizers (ATEG)

In the past month of January 2015 Industrias Duero received the corresponding Diploma as full member nº2 of the Spanish Technical Association of Galvanizers (ATEG) since the company entered this organization on the 17th of [...]