Our goal is to consistently provide total customer satisfaction

We strive to help our customers’ operations be more profitable, by offering high quality and competitive products while meticulously taking care of the following aspects:

Quick Response

Our extensive and complete equipment base, together with our high production capacity, allows us to deliver the orders within the agreed timeframe. During peak demand times, we have been capable of handling, fabricating and dispatching over 1.000 metric tons of material from our facilities, in one single day. Resulting in the manufacturing of 12.000 road safety barriers including all the necessary accessories.

Integral Logistics

We offer collection and delivery at the desired location anywhere in the world, be it ground, air or maritime transport, following customer specifications in relation to labelling, strapping, packaging for export or, otherwise, in accordance with Industrias Duero’s recommended shipment standards.

Expert technical advice

Our team of professionals will gladly respond to each inquiry and will provide any detailed information you may require with regard to the design, standards, options, appearance, coating,….in relation to our products and services, as our road safety barriers or any another equipment.

Industrias Duero is very actively engaged in local and international seminars and customer training sessions, in relation to CE Certified containment systems, Road Safety needs and improvements, and similar topics.

Industrias Duero cooperates actively on drawing up new local and international regulations, by contributing with ourexperience in vehicle restraint systems and in-depth technical knowledge in numerous and varied forums, allowing the company to be at the forefront of the latest advances and trends in the industry.


At any time you will be able to monitor how your order is progressing, in a quick and simple manner. Just phone your sales representative or check yourself the “pipeline” in the customer reserved section of this web-site.

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We have a high storage capacity in our warehouses, which allows us to offer wide storage space in order to facilitate direct shipment to the final recipient, without previously having to return the goods to the sender, thereby saving time and transport costs.

Turnkey projects

Industrias Duero, thanks to its broad experience, high production capacity and process control systems, is able to cope with large-scale turnkey projects, both at local and international level.

We can handle the entire process from pre-design, design, structural calculations, detailed engineering, fabrication, galvanization, painting, expedition and commissioning, according to customer needs.

We develop, in each project, the entire process from the beginning to its completion, making it easier for our clients to control it with our team as the only interlocutor.

Quality assurance

A team of highly skilled professionals carries out rigorous quality control tests in all phases of production that allow real time traceability of all our products, since all our plants are fully automated and equipped with advanced tools that provide accurate information throughout the entire process: production, productivity, order progress, costs and stocks.

From the beginning back in 1952, our Quality Policy has been the identity mark of Industrias Duero, which implies a permanent effort in order to differentiate our product offering from other competitors. Has led us to the continuous improvement of our systems and to achieve a leading position in international markets: we are a road safety company leader.

The permanent search for improved products, processes and services, combined with higher quality requirements than those established in the regulations, have allowed us to surpass ourselves and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our quality assurance systems are structured with regard to the strict application of the standards required by Quality Management System UNE EN ISO 9001. This international certification of our quality system is recognized by the IQNet (International Certification Network).

More than 60 years of experience have enabled us to obtain the AENOR Company Register Certificate and other international public accreditations that guarantee the quality of our products, as our road safety barriers or our urban metal structures.

For this purpose, we have our own fully equipped laboratories to carry out: Process and raw material integralcontrols and Finished goods control

All of our processes, systems and equipment are properly calibrated and verified in compliance with legal standards, not only through our internal quality assurance system, but also through an independent Certifying Agency.

Likewise, all our products bear the CE marking, as a sign of reliable quality

Research, Development and Innovation

Industrias Duero regards innovation as a strategic priority for the company’s future sustainability. Therefore we strive to constantly develop new products and designs, until achieving the desired results.

Our approach goes beyond the demands of standard quality certification procedures.

Industrias Duero, va más allá de lo que exigen las certificaciones de calidad. Continuous investments in Research + Development + Innovation programs and the utilization of cutting-edge technology in the industry, add a touch of ingenuity that make all of our products and systems not only good but excellent.

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