Mission, vision and values


For more than 63 years primarily working in the Road Safety Systems, our company has made a permanent wager on the Quality and Safety of all its products, with the aim of protecting people and reducing the social impact of traffic accidents worldwide.

We want, are able to and develop systems that save human lives, “we care about people and the environment”.


In terms of Road Safety Systems, our goal is to research, test and develop systems that improve the level of traffic safety worldwide.

We want to stay as a leading global player by developing competitive products that provide cost-effective solutions, to help mitigate road safety problems in any country of the world.


We conduct our operations based on the following Ethical Principles that govern our company culture and our relationship with customers and partners:

  • Honesty: We take responsibility for our own performance
  • Quality: We do everything in a reliable and highly professional manner
  • Teamwork: We care for and encourage collective talent
  • Customer satisfaction: Exceeding customer expectations is our goal
  • Passion: Our staff is committed to excellence