Over 60 years’ experience in the manufacture of steel products

Brief historical overview


We started our activity on October 1, 1952, which we have been developing, continuously, until today.
At first, the production was oriented to heating elements and cooling aids.


We started the hot-dip galvanizing activity, currently leading, in an outstanding way, the national production.


We began the manufacture of supports and supports for electrification, a field in which Industrias Duerohas achieved a prestigious position in the Spanish market.


Finalmente, completamos la gama de productos con el inicio de la producción de tubería y perfiles.
It is in this sector that Industrias Duero has based its extensive exporttradition, both to Europe
In addition to leading the national market for the manufacture of road safety elements, we offer high quality and highly competitive products in foreign markets.

1969 y 1974

We carry out reforms and extensions in the Vallecas galvanizing factory in Madrid, with two independent centers for each production line: large parts and large series, and small and centrifuged parts.


We inaugurated the Arganda Center in Madrid for the manufacture of supports and supports for electrification and telephony, with an independent office and technical department.


We expanded the Arganda Center(Madrid) Spain, with new facilities.


The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism grants Industrias Duero the Certificate of Conformity for galvanizing production.
We obtain the UNESA Quality Certificate for metal supports.
We built in Vallecas the new factory for road equipment elements, pipes, profiles and inaugurated a new and modern office center.

1989 y 1992

We expanded the facilities of theVallecas Galvanizing Plant.


Hidroeléctrica Española authorizes the use of metal supports from Industrias Duero.


We obtain the Iberdrola Certification for the manufacture of tubes.
Unión Fenosa incorporates Industrias Duero in the Catalog of Suppliers as an authorized manufacturer of metal supports.


We obtain the AFNOR Product Certificate for containment barrier.
RENFEincorporates Industrias Duero in the General Registry of Suppliers.


We obtained the ISO 9002 Company Registration in Industrias Duero and the AENOR Product Certificates for barrier, post and separator.


We inaugurated the Toledo Galvanizing Center, one of the most modern and productive plants in the world.


We obtain the ISO 9002 Company Registry in Zinc Metal, S.A.


We adapted the ISO 9002 Company Registry to ISO 9001 in Industrias Duero and in Zinc Metal, S.A.


We certify the first metal barrier system manufactured by Industrias Duero in accordance with the requirements of the current European Regulation on Road Equipment EN 1317.


We obtain the Bureau Veritas Product Certificate for barrier, post and separator.


We inaugurated the Quart de Poblet (Valencia) Spain production plant, for the manufacture of road safety equipment.


The long international presence of Industrias Duero in the manufacture of road safety elements, metallic and solar structures is consolidated, reaching 48 countries to which we export our products.


We obtain the Industrial Product Certificate for the first Motorcyclist Protection System manufactured byIndustrias Duero in accordance with the UNE 135900 standard.
We obtain the Integrated Environmental Authorization for our Galvanizing Center in Madrid.


We inaugurated the production plant in Toledo(Spain), for the manufacture of road safety elements.


After a long international presence of Industrias Duero in the manufacture of road safety elements, metal structures and solar, we managed to reach 83 countries to which we export.
We obtain the CE Certification for Fixed Vertical Signage Supports in accordance with the EN 12899-1 standard.


We obtain the Factory Production Control Certification for the manufacture of metallic steel structures in accordance with the UNE-EN 1090-1 standard.

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