We manufacture a wide range of products for Road Infrastructures

We manufacture and sell a comprehensive range of products for Road Infrastructures, such as Acoustic panels, pedestrian walkways, lampposts, railings, enclosures, Geotextiles….

Acoustic panels

On galvanized steel or aluminium, our panels are designed to reduce the noise produced by roadways or railway traffic, and in compliance with norms EN 1794-1:2001; EN 1794-2:2011; EN 1793-1:2011; EN 1793-2:2011.

Their optimised mechanical performance is due to the depth of the four notches designs, which provide perfect protection against strong winds and snow.


We provide lampposts and lighting columns covering a wide variety of urban and road illuminating needs.

We can supply conic columns manufactured in galvanized steel-plates or carbon steel, conicity 12, equipped with greased access-door, plate base for connection box, grounding system and anchoring plate, in accordance with standard EN 40-5:2003 (EN 40-5:2002).


Industrias Duero supplies a wide range of fences, from simple to reinforced twisted mesh including all necessary accessories.

We manufacture sendzimir and hot-dip galvanised posts, paint finished electro welded flat or bent mesh, steel doors and metallic frames for enclosures such as, greenhouses, public penitentiaries, farm fences, sports facilities….

We can protect any perimeter formed by metallic structures.

Construction ancillary equipment

We provide our customers with Construction ancillary equipment needed in every job-site and have it delivered around the world: any type of scaffold, steel or aluminium props, wheelbarrows…

All working scaffolds comply with standard UNE 76 502 90, European harmonizing document HD 1000 in accordance with EN 1065 item 10.2.3.


Geotextiles are 100% made in polyester with high mechanical performance and are ideally suited for civil engineering and building applications. They are manufactured in different strengths and widths in order to meet customer requirements.

Geotextiles open up a world of protection for civil engineering applications
Due to their high mechanical strength, they are increasingly utilised in civil engineering and building applications, as they provide excellent properties of protection, filtering, barriers, drainage and reinforcement.

Geotextiles are environmentally sound, not hazardous, non-polluting and 100% recyclable. Additionally, they prolong the service life in constructions, provide higher deformation and mechanical resistance, reduce reflecting cracking in the pavement and provide a good response to stresses. Furthermore, they are also economical, quickly and easily installed.