We are a leading company in Road Safety equipment

Thanks to our wide, great quality and highly competitive vehicle restraint systems range, Industrias Duero is recognised as a leading company in the industry, not only in Spain but worldwide.

  • We sell to 83 countries in 4 continents.
  • We pride ourselves on having 63 years of experience.

The Duero products, as our metal security barriers (metal road barriers) are sold with all the quality control guarantees, as established by major existing international standards.

All our vehicle containment systems have been developed by our own R+D+I department, and are later crash-tested and CE certified by the relevant certification agency.

All our products are fabricated on hot-dip galvanized steel, in accordance with either European standard EN ISO 146, British Standards Institutions (BSI) or AASTHO regulations, depending on customer requirements. If necessary, we can also galvanize under different regulations or with greater thicknesses to meet customer specifications.

Industrias Duero provides customer service at all levels, including:

  • Preliminary implementation surveys for road protection systems, as a step prior to the construction phase of roadways. At this stage, we can provide technical advice and carry out in-depth studies under the applicable legislation, working together with private or public institutions.
  • Shipment of any product or equipment, whether standard or under contract, anywhere in the world including labelling and packaging as per customer request.
  • On-site installation and assembly of the products on customer’s location. Guaranteed supply of parts and replacement parts anywhere during the entire lifetime of the product or system.