We are specialists in equipment for solar energy facilities

Industrias Duero is a specialist in the fabrication of steel structures for solar energy plants. We started 20 years ago with the fabrication of load-bearing elements for small solar plates, used in traffic signalling installations.

Since then, we have made considerable progress and have developed a range of products that are designed, calculated, fabricated and assembled by Industrias Duero.

We have built a considerable number of Solar Farms in Spain, Italy and America, with an installed capacity ranging from 0,5 to 30 Mw.

Industrias Duero can participate in the following phases:

  • Design/Calculations/Geotechnical surveys
  • Engineering/Quality control
  • Fabrication/Welding
  • Galvanizing/Packaging/Transport
  • Installation and assembly of Structures and Panels

We fabricate and market our own solar-system structures, as well as those developed by third parties.

Current product offering

Single or Double pole structures

This system has been specifically designed to meet any customer’s requirements in terms of location, soil conditions, load requirements and panels’ layout. Its design provides easy mounting and installation and, depending on the project, the poles can be driven into the ground or cemented to the foundation.

One axis trackers

This structure is perfectly adaptable and can be fitted to any existing models, measures and layout. The structure can be easily driven into the ground, avoiding costly preparation works (concrete laying, foundations, plates…) or else, minimizing the cost by using anchoring posts when required.

Solar Greenhouses

We build structures for solar Greenhouses of any size, under our own design or upon customer specifications. We cover all the phases of the project including assembly and installation. We have a vast experience in this type of projects.

Solar Car-parks

We manufacture tailor-made carparks and install the solar panels in the roof, under our own design or upon customer specifications. We cover all the phases of the project including assembly and installation.

Thermal Power Plants

Industrias Duero is widely experienced in the fabrication of both, small farms and big solar power plants under customer specifications.

We have been actively involved in large projects for corporations such as Acciona, Iberinco, Cobra and Sener. Over the last 8 years, we have participated in 12 large projects led by these companies, having been able to simultaneously work and supply our products to 4 of them.

We are used to working in compliance with the most demanding quality standards, tight deadlines and high production requirements. We also sum a vast experience in the manufacturing of support frames, posts and torque-tubes (helical tubes).

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