We are specialists in steel solutions

Thanks to our highly specialised staff and its broad and versatile equipment base, distributed over several locations in Spain, Industrias Duero offers a variety of customised solutions in galvanized steel

Main services provided

We have 2 longitudinal slitting lines capable of processing 25 MT coils in thicknesses of up to 6mm, in its factories of Madrid and Valencia.

Our Pipe production line

with welding beads in lengths of up to 12m, allows the pipes to be cut as per customer requirements.

We have 4 roll forming machines

for cold shaping guardrails, C and U profiles, on steel qualities ranging from S235JR to high-strength-steel. We can process thicknesses from 1 to 5 mm. For special requests please send an inquiry.

Flat laser cutting line

We are able to fabricate high precision and high quality parts, and offer steel (black or stainless) cutting services, up to 20 mm thickness.

Cutting and Punching production lines

This service can be applied to hot-rolled profiles, UPN and angular profiles for whatever size and thickness, and steel plates.

Robotized welding units

We can apply full penetration welding on elements made up of several parts and provide ultrasound testing, using certified robots for various thicknesses.

Automated continuous stamping production lines

We can stamp highly demanding parts by using long progressive dies

Machining of profiles

We can machine almost any steel part

Hydraulic shearing machine

We can cut flat-steel to the specified size

CNC controlled folding line

We offer guaranteed high-quality folding services

Automated bandsaw cutting lines

We provide high quality saw-cutting for tube packs and steel profiles. Our bandsaw cutting machines are ideally suited for either straight-cutting of large tube packages, or mitre-cutting of smaller ones.

Manual welding lines

Our certified staff can build demanding metal structures and also weld all the elements that make up a system.

Hot dip galvanizing plants

Industrias Duero owns several hot-dip galvanizing plants, strategically located in Spain and Portugal, whose combined production capacity exceeds 200.000 ton/year, which makes our company one of the largest players in Europe.

Industrias Duero, together with its certified long established suppliers’ network, can also offer the following guaranteed services:

Tube laser cutting line

This service is used in the fabrication of high quality parts that require a high level of precision.

Automated painting line

Regardless of the requirements, we provide high quality painting, whether black or galvanized steel.