Industrias Duero contributed to the Panama coastal strip project with the design, fabrication and assembly of the pedestrian steel-made promenade

Our steel structures business line played a major role in the construction of the pedestrian walkways, pergolas and handrails utilised in Panama’s Coastal Strip Project phase III, one of the most emblematic projects in the city of Panama. This project consists of a long viaduct along the coastline and facing the Presidential Palace in the capital city of Panama.

Industrias Duero participated in the design, fabrication, construction, painting and commissioning of all the pedestrian steelworks of the Coastal Strip Project phase III, in full compliance with its most demanding requirements and specifications.

Finished project

Diseño y simulación 3D

Here below see some examples of steel structures delivered in this project:

  • Design of ornamental pergolas and handrails

3D computer-simulation of the lookout designed for Coastal Strip Project

  • 3D computer-simulation of the ornamental handrails
  • Solution applied for access ramps and expansion joints
  • 3D simulation versus finalised project

Installation and assembly

Project summary

Starting from precise customer specifications, we successfully delivered all the handrails, ornamental pergolas, pedestrian protections and shade areas.

Industrias Duero assumed full responsibility over the design, fabrication, galvanizing and painting of all the structures. Installation and assembly were carried out together with our local partner, Horizontes de Vias y Señales.

Project execution
January to March 2014

Project duration
2,5 months including fabrication and installation

Project scope

Based on customer specifications, Industrias Duero developed the models, computer simulations, structural calculations, field-test prototypes, fabricated all the structures in accordance with standard CE EN 1090-1, and provided the hot dip galvanizing, painting and C5M finishing.

The entire project was designed to facilitate the assembly of the various kit structures and the fabrication phase was terminated in 6 weeks of uninterrupted three shifts work.