Industrias Duero has been involved in Renewable Energies projects with companies around the world

Industrias Duero has developed its own models for any stationary photovoltaic solar system, monopole and double pole systems, single-axis tracker and solar car-parks.

The experience and expertise of our Renewable Energy business line, has allowed us to engineer, develop, fabricate, galvanize, install and assemble Solar Parks of all sizes in Spain, Italy and Central America.

All the projects that we have executed included the design, engineering and structural calculations. We have also delivered sizable custom-made structures, under EN 1090-1 specifications.

List of solar Parks executed by Industrias Duero

Solar Parks executed (document pdf)

Finalized projects

Installation and assembly

Projects overview

Beginning with our own standardized models, we adapt them to customer requirements in so far as panel type, soil and environmental conditions are concerned. In order to meet the required specifications, prior to the fabrication, we perform geotechnical surveys, and test the performance and resistance of the structures in any given environment, galvanizing, transportation, installation and assembly on-site. We can also position, anchor and connect the panels if so required.

Project experience
As from 2006

Project fabrication

The process starts in a production facility by profiling the largest steel components and fabricating required accessories. Then, all finished items are sent to a hot dip galvanizing facility that is chosen depending on the final order destination. All items are galvanized in compliance with EN 1461 standard and subject to strict internal quality controls as well as customer inspections, in order to ensure the highest quality of our products. Finally, the material is packed in kits for easy handling, installation and assembly.