Industrias Duero has fabricated components for large Solar thermal plants, for such customers as Iberdrola, Acciona and Sener.

The experience and expertise of our Renewable Energies business line, has allowed us to engineer, develop, fabricate, galvanize, install and assemble components and systems for large Solar thermal plants. In Spain, most of our job references refer to large projects and companies such as Iberdola, Acciona and Sener.

We own the material and human resources required to cope with all phases of a project. We are experienced in the fabrication of large volume products, under UNE EN 1090-1 standards.

Some major Solar Thermal projects participated by Industrias Duero

  • Puertollano Solar Thermal – Iberdrola Renovables – 50Mw
  • La Risca Solar Thermal – Acciona Energía – 50Mw
  • Majadas Solar Thermal – Acciona Energía – 50Mw
  • Guzmán Solar Thermal – Sener – FCC – 50Mw
  • Valle 1 and 2 Solar Thermal – Sener – 100Mw
  • Termosol 1 and 2 Solar Thermal – Sener – Florida Power – 100Mw
  • Orellana Solar Thermal – Sener – Acciona Energía – 50Mw
  • La Africana Solar Thermal – Sener – Ortiz – 50Mw
  • Extresol-3 Solar Thermal – Sener – Cobra – 50Mw
  • ASTE 1 and ASTE 2 Solar Thermal – Sener – Elecnor 100Mw

Fabrication of components


Installation and assembly

Projects overview

Starting from precise customer specifications, we can successfully deliver galvanized structures ready for assembly on-site. Industrias Duero fabricates with the highest standards of quality, most of the components making up the supporting pylons of the parabolic collectors (whether drive, regular or share-pylon type). Likewise we are experienced in the fabrication of torque tube structures.

In large projects, Industrias Duero is typically commissioned with at least 25% of the total scope of supply.

Project experience
As from 2006

Project execution
All the projects where Industrias Duero has been involved were successfully completed within the established deadline.

Projects scope

Based on precise customer specifications, Industrias Duero’s services include the homologation of prototypes and fabrication of large series of supports and structures such as, drive/regular/support pylons and torque rubes. We can fabricate over 200 pylons per day.
To ensure the top quality and proper finishing of our products, our manufacturing procedures combine in-house and customer quality controls, both, before and after galvanizing all the components, ranging from mass spectrometer tests to ultrasonic weld-testing,