The Road Safety systems of Industrias Duero have been protecting the drivers in more than 80 countries and 4 continents for over 20 years

Industrias Duero’s R & D department strives to improve road safetyaround the world by permanently developing new and innovating designs that SAFE HUMAN LIVES.

  • Our goal is to protect the roads in the best and most economical manner so as to mitigate the damage caused by traffic accidents

Project summary

Our Road Safety business line takes responsibility on the design, structural calculations, fabrication, galvanizing, transport to every corner of the world and, upon customer request, the on-site installation and assembly of any protection equipment needed in roads and highways.

  • We have fabricated and installed Road Safety structures all over the world

We are well-known for that and satisfied customers are our best guarantee. We could go several times on a round-the-world-tour by just aligning our installed base of protection systems.

We have been in business since 1965.

Installed steel barriers

Parapets and handrails

Motorcycle guardrails

Wood guardrails

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International Presence

Industrias Duero has 20 years of international experience. We sell to 83 countries on 4 continents

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Our customer focus

Our company policy is to help customers become more and more competitive

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