Our internal fully equipped laboratories perform the following controls:

Control of incoming raw materials

The raw materials reception process includes all the necessary procedures to assure full compliance with our quality requirements.

Control of dimensions and surface appearance

By using a wide range of measuring equipment (duly calibrated by certified laboratories) such as calibres, digital micrometres, goniometers, squares, etc…we check every item received to make sure they are in full compliance with the applicable standard (EN 10034, EN 10051, EN 10055, EN 10143, EN 10163, EN 10219, etc…).

Thanks to effective control procedures performed in our laboratories, we can guarantee the high quality of the final products.

Welding quality control
Dye-penetrant inspection
Quality control Paint finish

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Control of steel characteristics: Mechanical and Chemical

During the reception process, 100% of the incoming steel undergoes mechanical traction and chemical testing, in accordance with ISO 6892 specifications. For this purpose, we have a high capacity traction-testing machine and a mass spectrometer in order to verify its conformity with EN 10025, EN 10327 and EN 10111 and the suitability of the steel for galvanizing.

Control of semi-finished products

Once the reception process is completed, raw materials enter into the production process where exhaustive checkpoints and controls ensure the quality of semi-finished and finished goods throughout the entire process.

To carry out these controls, we count on a wide variety of control and measurement equipment located on each and every workstation, and the vast experience of our staff in controlling tasks.

Industrias Duero has a wide range of certified Welding procedures (WPQR) both, manual and robotized, and all its welders are EN 287-1 certified.

Non-destructive welding and metallic-items tests are performed by highly qualified Level-2 personnel covering a wide range of items in accordance with standard ISO 9712.

Control of Finished products

Our products are supplied in hot dip galvanized finishing, with or without painting, and our rigorous controls and inspections guarantee a professional finishing in compliance with the most demanding galvanizing standards, whether UNE EN 1461 or BSI, AASTHO…

As for our paint finished products, we are able to meet the most demanding product requirements and we work, primarily, under ISO 12944 (UNE EN ISO 12944) specifications for the corrosion protection of steel structures and coated metal. We use powder or acrylic coating, depending on the size of the structure.

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