We devote our energy and growing resources to help achieve our priority objective of continuous improvement

We are well aware that research, development and innovation are key to the company’s present and future success. Therefore, year after year, we devote our efforts and growing resources to produce added value for our customers and improve the overall competitiveness of our product and service offering.

Nowadays, Road safety systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated devices, rapidly and constantly evolving. That’s why in the design of new containment systems, our R&D department spares no effort to optimize their performance by testing the behaviour of the systems in various impact scenarios, while minimizing the negative consequences for vehicle occupants. The ultimate goal is to raise the level of security in road traffic.

Our certified and optimized product range comprises a wide variety of containment levels and performance parameters, as well as parapets and protection systems for motorcyclists, which allow selecting the most suitable solution for the technical and economical requirements of each project.

From the early stages of the product development process, we carry out a very comprehensive analysis of each system, aiming to optimize its performance and guarantee the level of containment. In order to assess the future behaviour of a system, we use computer simulations and specialised cutting-edge technology which, combined with an iterative process of selected tests on components and subsystems, allow the optimization of the systems’ containment performance.

Another highly important factor to consider when analysing the performance of containment systems, is the anchoring device to be utilised and the momentum and loads transmitted to the ground in the event of an impact.

On containment systems, posts are usually driven into the ground, while parapets are always anchored to concrete foundations. For this reason, we perform laboratory high-energy pendulum impact tests to evaluate the dynamic performance of parapet posts.

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Crash tests

In the final stage of the product development process,prototype containment systems will finally undergo real-scale crash tests, carried out in internationally accredited laboratories in compliance with standard EN 1317.

Industrias Duero has decades of experience in the design and development of vehicle containment systems, and here below you can see some CRASH-TEST samples showing the performance of our systems:

Technological advances and the experience acquired in this field in recent years, allow us to focus on the continuous improvement of our systems, adapting our designs to customer needs and anticipating global market trends.

In regards of parapets,we understand the need to facilitate the job of project-engineers and verify the proper performance of anchorage devices and concrete foundations during real-scale crash tests. This has led us to perform our tests under the most unfavourable working conditions, installing parapets on free-cantilever compact baseboards and light concrete-slabs, designed to withstand the maximum stress the system is able to transmit to the baseboard, since they represent the last safety link of the containment systemAs prescribed in the testing procedure established by the World Road Association concerning the “Suitability of Containment Systems to Existing Bridges”, published by the Road Bridges Committee.

Our systems are designed for enhanced versatility and to facilitate the transport, handling and installation.

Currently we are members of various Standardization Committees and working groups

related to containment systems, both in local and European associations, aiming to promote, participate and share the knowledge and advances acquired through experience in the Road Safety industry. We proud ourselves on being:

Members of AEN/CTN135 – Road Safety Equipment
Members of AEN/ CTN135/ SC1 – Safety Barriers
Members of AEN/ CTN135/ SC3 – Vertical Signalling
Members of – CEN/TC226/WG1 – Crash barriers, safety fences, guard rails and bridge parapets
Members of CEN/TC226/WG1/Task group 2 – Product Standard EN 1317-5 – Safety barriers, crash cushions, transitions, terminals, truck mounted attenuators, motorcyclist protection systems
Members of CEN/TC/Task group 2 – Product Standard EN 317-5
Members of SIMEPROVI’s Technical Committee (Spanish Association of manufacturers of Road Safety metallic Systems)
Participating company in the AFB20 (2) Roadside Safety Design International Research Activities Subcommittee

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