The quality of our products is our hallmark

Quality policy

Since the foundation of Industrias Duero, the quality policy has always been our identity mark, striving to make it the cornerstone of our differentiation strategy. Our efforts have resulted in the continuous improvements of the processes and have taken us to a leading position in the marketplace. The permanent search for improved products, processes and services, combined with higher quality requirements than those established in the regulations, have allowed us to surpass ourselves and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Read Industrias Duero’s Quality Policy 2018 for further details

The quality of our products is our hallmark

Welding quality control
Dye-penetrant inspection
Quality control Paint finish

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Quality systems

Our quality system is structured in accordance with the precise application of UNE EN ISO 9001 standards, “Quality management systems”. This accreditation is internationally recognised by IQnet (International Certification Network). Likewise our experience has led us to obtain the Company Registration Certificate granted by AENOR, and other international certifying agencies that ensure the high quality of our products.


A team of highly qualified technicians apply strict and rigorous quality controls in all phases of the production process, and the sophisticated management and information tools utilised in all our production-units, allow for real-time traceability of all products and processes, providing detailed information of productions, productivities, costing and stocks in all our plants.

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